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Media GZ K4

The media GK Z4 of GreenKeeper, is a classic. Is among the first designs which have been used for the elimination of ethylene, but doesn't mean you has an easy production process.

This granular material is especially necessary in applications that require high efficiency and a low level of dust. Its distribution of particle size between 0.6 and 1.5 mm, makes the media to create a big surface due to its small size, and still allow the air to circulate freely, because there is no dust blocking free spaces where the air needs to circulate. The particle size is similar to the one used in gas masks.

GreenKeeper uses this media for Tyveck type sachets and Keepfresh blankets. Both are applications require a high speed of reaction and no dust that may block the air passage.

Its relative low capacity is offset by its high density, which is a 22 % -23% higher than the products in the form of pellets.