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The invention of GreenKeeper and the development of its applications as a preservative of vegetable products, as well as cleaner and sanitizer of atmospheres, dates from 1986 still linked to researchers of C. S. I.C. (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas).

From this date until 1989, excellent results have been achieved in the horticultural industry and the conservation in postharvest.

Subsequently, new investigations were initiated, including the testing of air filtration systems to extend the use of GreenKeeper to the conservation of all types of perishable foods, as well as the environmental purification

Various scientific studies conducted in research universities guarantee our results.

However, experience teaches us that our best demonstration field is the facilities of our Customers, which is why we are working with them to further product development and its applications.

What is it?

It is a product capable of creating a clean atmosphere to extend the shelf life of fresh food, thus guaranteeing a permanent environmental hygiene in enclosed areas.

Our studies and tests show us that GreenKeeper products applied to flowers, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and any type of food product, eliminates an important part of the gases that shed by those (ethylene, ethanol, acetaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, amines, ammonia … ), as well as the odors produced by these gases.

We also have proved that clean air makes difficult the formation of mold, fungi, yeasts, and bacteria. More specifically, fungi like: anthracnose, penicilium and botrytis, or bacteria like: pseudomonas that needs gaseous signals to develop.

The ethylene elimination inside the cool rooms, produced by the fruit itself, allows obtaining the maximum storage period, avoiding premature maturity and keeping them fresh longer.

How it works?

GreenKeeper It is composed of very porous mineral support (filosilicate and aluminosilicate) and a highly oxidizing agent: potassium permanganate. This composition allows built pellets, that when circulating the room air through the product, a double effect absorption effect, physical and chemical, clean the contaminant gases.

The role of the mineral is to sustain the potassium permanganate, increasing the contact surface with the air.

The potassium permanganate favors the oxidation reactions of a large number of volatile organic compounds.

As a result of these reactions, carbon dioxide and water are released creating a clean atmosphere that reduces the degenerative metabolism of the food and the respiration of the plant and favoring in this way its useful life.