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Plastic Module V-Pack M12

The plastic module V-PACK M12, in their use in the post-harvest sector, you can equip any of our granules. Parts of the module assembles with others as a Lego, this allows a precise and clean assembly.

The advantage of using plastic modules is that you get that low pressure drop, because its V shape increases the surface area.

Other advantages are:


Dimensions. The module is supplied in 2 units boxes within a protective bag with individual dimensions: (length x width x height) = 298x 298 x 296 mm.

They are designed to be placed, side by side, in a width of 61cm (24 “), and with an intermediate seal to avoid air leaks.

Volume: 30 liters/torque.

Material: 100% recyclable polystyrene.

Bed Width: 75 mm.

Working temperature: maximum 55º C.

Relative Humidity: 20-99% depending on the grain used.

Colour: Black