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Fruits and vegetables

• Preserves its fresh and natural state.
• Keeps the organoleptic characteristics.
• Extends the shelf life of foodstuffs.
• Reduces the loss of weight.
• Limits the use of chemical treatments.

Catering Hotel and Restaurants business

The filter case is perfect to be placed in cold storerooms where you cannot install a machine.

It is recommended for industrial chambers; and also in small ones that have interior ventilation.


• It is easy to install with 3 points from where you can hang up.
• Light-weighted, compact and robust.

According to the type of granular material used inside, you can serve as a filter in environments where there is:

• Garbage
• Meat
• Fish
• Fruits
• Flowers

The filter case contains 3 bags of granular material made of a non-woven cloth to make the air circulation easier and at the same time to avoid dust propagation.
It must be placed 4 cms away from the air inlet of the return of the evaporator.


• Length (cm) 31
• Width (cm) 25
• Bulk (cm) 2.8
• Weight of granulated (gr) 900