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Transport Filter 0.75m (EF 75)

The new filter to ethylene GreenKeeper has several characteristics that make it the most advanced on the market.

It is a filter constructed thinking in the fruit that must be protected, but also in people who have to assemble them.

It’s a 75 cm long filter, and in its interior contains GK3 media , which have an absorption capacity of +3 liters of ethylene/kg. The designers of this media took special care in the following aspects:

The system "Easyfit", incorporates the bridles on the plug, and transforms the operation of mounting the filter in something quick and comfortable.

To find the correct sizing of the filter, GreenKeeper offers two services:

Calculation of the absorption capacity necessary theoretical in function:

Remaining capacity test. After the shipment arrives at port, the used filters are ship to GKI laboratory for analysis to know the real use of the filter capacity. Variables like season, or different levels of maturity, can be assed using this system